Kalulushi Clay Bricks is the largest, most sophisticated manufacturer of clay products in Zambia and Central Africa. From our factory in Kalulushi Zambia, in the Copperbelt region, we manufacture and distribute a full range of high quality plaster and face clay bricks, pavers, and tiles throughout the country and for export into the region.

KCBricks operates one of the most environmentally sustainable clay brick factories in Africa. Our renewable fuel source allows us to be a carbon positive operation, capturing over 30,000 tons of carbon every year. Additionally our fuel source reduces dangerous emissions to the atmosphere by a factor of nearly 10x less than a traditional clay brick factory. This is better for the environment, our community, and our employees.

Member of the National Council of Construction, the Zambia Association of Manufacturers, and the Clay Brick Association of Southern Africa

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The Factory was founded in 1976, and was designed, funded, and built by West Germany. Many of the notable structures built around Zambia with clay brick exteriors, were built using product from the Kalulushi factory. Today KCBricks operates one of the most technologically advanced and environmentally sustainable brick factories in Africa.

We operate two, 40meter long Kheller kilns with a designed capacity each of 30million units per year. Our process is largely automated utilizing the best and latest technology in the industry. Our team of employees is highly trained and qualified.

Our raw material comes from an on-site quarry and is rated among the best quality clay deposits in the world for demanding applications. From the industrial heart of Zambia we produce world-class clay products for the regional and global market.

As a Zambian company serving the Southern and Central Africa region, we strive to deliver quality above all else. Our location in the heart of the Copperbelt region uniquely positions us to serve Zambia and the region with export quality products, at an affordable price. Kalulushi Clay Bricks is proudly Zambian, and proudly building the future.

Kalulushi Clay Bricks is the largest, most sophisticated manufacturer of clay products in Zambia and Central Africa.

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